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and things are restored to their national order. >> the u.s. is offering help for their recovery by sending marines. >> a disaster of this magnitude to quickly overrun any force, any government. what we can do is supplement the existing rotary wing lift that they already possess. >> southern china is now facing the at typhoon. streets flooded, schools have been ordered closed and fishing ports knock the down. craig, welcome to "inside story." the scene behind you is about entirely black. given the interruption of all power, does all relief stop when it gets dark? >> reporter: cebu does have power. it does have communication, though behind me there is no evidence of that it's certainly not as lit up an it normally would be. but that's not the case of the island hardest hit in the central philippines. they're still trying to establish power and communication there is, and almost every power pole was struck and knocked over, and all they have there right now is generators, and they've got some mobile cell towers which they'll put up to try to get communication from those survivors who need to
"inside story" is next. and check us out 24 hours a day on ♪ >> the aftermath and suffering gripping the philippines tonight in the wake of typhoon haiyan. the most devastating and lethal storm in decades. that's the "inside story." >> hello, i'm ray suarez. typhoon haiyan could end up being the deadliest storm in the philippines. it pushed a wall of water 2 stories high as it stumped through the islands. the coastal town was toast totally wiped out and projection 10,000 people may be dead nationwide. on this edition of "inside story" we'll take you to the philippines for the latest on the aftermath and recovery efforts and we'll be joined by the ambassador to the philippines of the united states. >>> whole families lay in the rubble, survivors looking for scraps. it looks like a war zone. this is the condition of towns across the philippines as typhoon haiyan slam through the island in record-breaking force. >> everything is destroyed. everything is gone. the only thing left are our clothes and my child. >> i'm asking for help because i no longer have a home.
's needed the most. this is where international assistance is coming in, especially from the u.s., but also from the european union and many other countries in the world. there has been an outpouring of generosity directed at the philippines. we know the first world food program cargo has already left from malaysia. that should be arriving imminently in this country. this is a situation that is not without controversy. there have been some reports of widespread looting and there have been some accusations that the government has not done enough to really clamp down on that looting. some have been suggesting that there should even be marshal law in some of the affected areas and there has been talk of a state of emergency. the president said that the first priority is to deliver aid to the people who need it the most. this is what he had to say. >> and also for those that have been confirmed killed, that is a concern. we have a need for those who are living, those who are injured, the need for footd and the need for water. >> there seems to be a lack of visibility on the exact number of fata
>> hello, good to have you with us. welcome to the news hour. these are the world's top news stories. >> no police, nothing. there was a breakdown of law and order. it shouldn't have been so. >> growing security fears after typhoon haiyan as armed men roam the streets of the philippines. >> northeast somalia is also struggling after a cyclone. 300 people have died and a state of emergency declared. >> a suicide bomber strikes in iraq as tens of thousands of muslims mark ashoura. >> hello, we are in london with the latest in europe, including a allowdown in the euro's recovery as the economy gross a slim .15%. >> farewell to a contradict legend. he is playing his final match. >> aid is finally reaching parts of the philippines devastated by typhoon haiyan. a u.s. aircraft carrier arrived. the uss george washington will assist operations and help helicopters to move supplies. more pictures are emerging from the disaster zone. this is 20 kilometers of coastline ripped to shreds. tacloban is one of the worth hit areas. survivors are flocking to the city's airport hoping to travel
it the most. >> jonathan appreciate it, thank you. >>> nancy lindborg is with us, the assistant administrator for the u.s. agency for international development and she joins us now from washington, d.c. nancy good to see you. thank you for your time. i'm wondering if those c-130s, there is a u.s. base as i recall in the philippines. are those c-130s upon their way to those hard hit areas? >> well, in fact, we prepositioned some of our disaster assistance response team in the philippines, you know we monitor these storm systems and knew things were coming forward. we already have people on the ground who have been doing assessments for the last few days. we have mobilized military assets to help bring in early supplies as well to do the flyovers that help us understand really what is the extent of the damage. >> tacloban. tell us what you are hearing from your teams on the ground about how deaf stated that city is. -- dech state -- 27 stated that -- dpe. >> literally 80 to 90% devastated. this is one of the most fears storms to land and -- fierce storms to land and it has taken a huge and deva
another day without food and water. >> the u.s. government is helping us and various other international governments are helping us. we continue to bring support to people affected. >> the relief supplies are not getting to those that need it most. the government sending in troops to control the looting. also at the airport survivors determined to go back to the disaster area, despite all they'd been through. >> imagine if you will, the courage of these people here in cebu at the air force base. many of them from mr during the storm. they are waiting here for a c130 hercules to arrive, to take them back into the devastated area. why? in those bags are food and water - things that they say their family needs to survive. these survivors say the government aid is not reaching families fast enough, and going back is their only option. >> i'm scared, but i have - i have no choice. i have no choice. my family is in tacloban. >> international relief is on the way. the united states has directed the carrier, the uss "george washington" to head to the philippines who provide support. u.s. marine
for excessive drinking and he admitdrug use. he'll go to court to get back more authority. nasa's mission to investigate the upper atmosphere on mars now underway, a robotic spacecraft called maven, is underway, how mars went from earth like to a barren desert. >>> you can get the alatest on >> often america tonight: a recipe for disaster. a crack down on meth in rural america leads to a new problem. >> you know the mexicans are bringing it over by the truckloads. >> how one family is treating shake-and-bake for mexican ice. >> i'm winning, everybody is winning, all good. >> president aquino, face to face with the typhoon and america tonight's joie chen. >> we would like to now are you pleased with the rescue effort? >> the cradle of civilization, the plan to rebuild the marshes of mesopotamia. >> good evening everyone, thanks for joining us. joie chen is on assignment i'm adam may. meth amphetamine is continuing to ravage all across middle america. every time law enforcement contraction down on meth production, it pops up in different form. christophe putzel reports. >> v
. >> they ordered an aircraft carrier and other u.s. ships to help. they should be arriving in the next 2, 3 days and we posted a list of ways you can help the victims of the typhoon. just go to and scroll to web links. >>> following breaking news in the south bay. pg&e says a power utage effected 5500 customers around 3:00 p.m. a power line came down. we just spoke with pg&e and they say the crews are at the scene and 15 minutes ago there are still 500 customers without power. electricity is expected to be restored to everyone within the hour. >>> police in sclera rest -- santa clara arrested a burglary suspect before 9:00 a.m. this morning. news chopper 2 was over head as they got into position. as a precaution neighbors were evacuated and residents were told -- residents were told to shelter in place. this was after 2:00 p.m. >>> the new 4th over the caldecot tunnel is -- 4th bore of the caldecot tunnel is set to open this month. ktvu's tom vacar is here with more. >> you may see that for the next few days. it is a series of various responders, police, fire and emergency responder
for all of us to survive. we're all suffering here, even the rich. >> reporter: a crowd gathers at the coliseum's edge as another dead body surfaces. it's not many to see the future here, but many say they have to leave it up to god. >> earlier we are spoke to the spokesman for the philippine president. and he has admitted the government's response had initially been slow, but is now making progress. >> certainly we want things to be faster, but let me say this also, when there's been a lot of reports that it has been slow, and we will concede in the first couple of days it was slow. the scale of this disaster was unprecedented more than anybody thought it would be. the first line of -- the first responders -- the line of first responders were themselves victims, so for example, the day after the storm, about -- less than 10% of the police force was able to go to work the next day because either they had died or their relatives had died. once we got there, the first thing we had to do was remove the obstructions from the roads. you can't get from point, a to point b if there is
>>> sealing the deal the u.s. and afghanistan reach a tentative agreement that will keep thousand of american troops there after 2014. now hamid karzai must sell the idea to tribal leaders. >> trey raydull takes a leave of absence after pleading guilty to drug possession. >> and rising from the ashes, a volcanic eruption in japan creates an island in the pacific ring of fire. >> good morning and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. the future of american troops in afghanistan is being decided by a group of afghan tribal leaders. afghan and american leaders said yes to a security deal and today afghan president hamid karzai is pushing a council to accept it. the decision now lies with the loya jirga. >> translation: you are here representing the afghan nation. i was under pressure not to organise the loya jirga. when it comes to issues of national significance it is important to hold the jirgas. >> up to 15,000 troops could remain in the region if the security pact is signed, including 8,000-12,000 american troops. >> it is entirely train, equip and assist - there is no
was killed. a boeing 737 was attempting to land when it went down. >> a u.s. drone crashed into a navy ship off the coast of jeb corlis. two sailors were hurt. the -- off the coast of jeb corlis, two sailors were hurt. u.s. navy was testing the ship's combat weapons system. they are the headlines. we planned to bring you a documentary called "tiny", but stayed tuned to a special documentary live from the philippines. "tiny" will air next week. >> "america tonight", i'm joie chen reporting from tacloban. >> it's the largest of the cities to be struck and destroyed by the super typhoon. it was not the first. it belongs to an outlier on the point known as gewan and we met a number of people there looking to start new lives. she had been waiting at the airport for two days. and the anxiety overwhelmed her. please, she pleaded. my husband died in the storm. i have nothing left. i need to get my two kids out. this would not be her turn. >> there'll be more slides. those that lost so much would get out. given the tragedy the storms must seem like a last hope. >> in the week since the storm came he
in multiple cities friday to protest the u.s. drone war. demonstrators staged a massive sit in blocking a nato supply line. the action followed a strike that killed the pakistani head of the taliban, jeopardizing peace talks. in an interview, pakistani s accused theader u.s. of undermining peace. >> if there were a chance for peace talks, we should have grabbed it. while the interior minister did his best, i am disappoint in the way the prime minister has taken this peace pross. this should have been his number one priority. the americans could have taken him out when they wanted. the timing was to sabotage the peace process. >> clashes have erupted in saudi arabia come in cracking down on foreign workers. at least two people were killed and dozens injured after police confronted workers on saturday. meanwhile, in cutter, a human expert is calling for a reform in workers rights. they say that guest workers are being housed in squalor. in the is a stain reputation of qatar, the richest country per capita. they should not allow this to be created on its territory. there are means of making this
, not under any circumstances. for us, they are red lines that cannot be crossed. the rights of the iranian nation are our red lines. national interests are our red lines, and that includes our rights under the framework of international regulations and enrichment on a rainy and soil. apparente the breakdown, both sides say progress has made -- been made and have resume to -- agreed to meetings next week. as we leaveoser now geneva than when we came, and with the work in good faith over we can, inw weeks, fact, secure our goal. we came to geneva to narrow the , and i can tell you without any exaggeration, we not only narrow differences and clarified those that remain, but we made significant progress in working through the approaches of how onestion reins in a program and guarantees its peaceful nature. kerry said he expects an agreement within the next couple of months. a group of lawmakers is moving ahead to tighten sanctions on iran. prime minister benjamin netanyahu continued his campaign against an iranian nuclear deal. dangerous bad and deal, a deal that would affect our survival. whe
- using artistic talents to pay tribute to fellow australians who gave their lives for america -- soldiers who gave their lives for americas. . >>> welcome to al jazeera america. international aid is slowly trickling in to the philippines. the crisis is deepening for survivors of typhoon haiyan. millions are without shelter. recovering the dead is a huge job. fallen bridges and blocked roads make it tough to reach survivors who need food, water and medicine. another tropical storm is on the way to the island. landslides and flash flooding could complicate rescue efforts. if there is a silver lining - it's the rapid response from around the world. we have this report. >> reporter: the widespread devastation across the philippines industryingered a -- triggered a global response. the u.s. spending food, water, money and muscle. the u.s. "george washington" has been despatched along with marines stationed in okinnara. the united nations is sending the "osprey", getting aid to places cut off after roads and infrastructure were washed away. >> we have begun to move supplies and ar
$300 million for areas hit by the typhoon. the us and uk are sending warships carrying thousands of soldiers and dozens of aircraft to help with relief and recovery. the typhoon left a wide path of destruction when it stuck on friday. these are the two worst-effected provinces. it is feared 10,000 people have been killed here alone. haiyan continues sweeping west across the central philippine islands, there were large areas on both islands where electricity is still down. five days later, information on just how badly hit they were is still coming in. well, we have extensive coverage for you with reporters on the ground bringing you the very latest from the philippines. margo is in manila looking into the challenges of getting aid to the people who need it, but first let's go to wayne haye in one of the worse-effected areas. >> it's not until you -- see it from the air that typhoon haiyan's devastation becomes truly evident. in this predominantly catholic country, the church is at the stern of the community, some are still standing, but it will be a long time before they are rest
kerry's meetings in the middle east are vital when u.s. relations are strained over syria. >> reporter: in the end, i think secretary kerry is really scrambling to reassure arab allies that no deal will be made behind their backs. this is significant because relations between the united states and arab countries are not at their optimum time at this time. >> reporter: halting oil exports and crippling the economy. there are signs of greater cooperation between tehran and the i.a.e.a. in what is being called a road map agreement. tehran than promise has promisee information and take steps to greater transparency to its nuclear access. iran has always maintained it's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and that israel nothing to worry about in future agreement with iran. >> we share intelligence very closely on this topic. we've been meeting constantly with the israelis to understand exactly where iran is today in its program. and we are confident that what we are doing can actually protect israel more effectively. >> reporter: kerry said no deal is better than a bad deal but findin
the time, as well. paul callan, an danny, nice to have you both. it's been great to have you with us. suzanne malveaux along with michael holmes will take over the reins right now with "around the world." >> this is really, really like bad, worse than hell. worse than hell. >> the desperate calls for help after one of the strongest storms in history wipes with away entire towns. >> as many as 10,000 people are feared dead. survivors now desperately searching through the wreckage looking for their loved ones. >> plus the danger continues. another storm is heading to the philippines. how it will impact the recovery ahead. welcome to around the world. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company. we'd like to welcome our viewers both here in the united states and around the world, as well. >> it is so disturbing. decomposing bodies are literally everywhere. destruction stretching across towns and villages on i land after island all in the philippines. desperation and despair is now setting in those communities. >> people struggling to grasp the enormity of the de
. >>> at least five people are confirmed did and dozens more hurt after second tornado swept across several u.s. states today illinois was especially hit hard. give forward, illinois where 20 homes and businesses were torn apart. entire neighborhood were destroyed. >> relatives of the 50 people killed in the russian plane crash arrived at the crash scene. the pilot was reporting a second landing of the bowing 37 m when it wept down. >> in the philippines president keno unfire for the slow response is in hard hit cook low ban. he says he won't leave until conditions improve. >> the reel o'reports are reaching more people an some in the remote areas are looking for help. france assures israel it sports sanctions on eye rap and it will not back down. >> they ar50eu6 in israel with talks with the president. this comes days before the talks in again flee have a. >> knows are the headlines we planned to bring you the documentary "tiny" but stay tuned to a documentary on the philippines. tiny will air flex week at 9:00 eastern. consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the
philippine government forces ask us for support, error and areas helicopters that are stranded. doctors without borders have always longed multimillion dollar appeals. along with millions of dollars from government to run the planet. inreports are coming in southern china as the typhoon which by now is a tropical storm swept across the two countries. meeting vietnam says that at least 13 people died and 81 others were injured. and at least six others died after the storm crossed china's south coast where it also damaged hundreds of homes. negotiators from 109 countries -- tempted to reach a especially after russia asked for a review of voting procedures. they made an emotional plea. a full extent of the damage as information trickles in in a slow manner because our reliance and communication lines have been cut off. hasssment of storm haiyan left the area unprecedented and unthinkable. >> they want french reservations delayed -- the secretary of state john kerry went on to say that the iranian delegation backed out. here's what he had to say. >> there was unity. but moran couldn't take
it is a great thing. >> thank you for joining us. >>> erin, thank you, anderson is in the philippines. he is trying to fly into the hardest hit area, tacloban city, but the process is making it hard for planes to land. the tropical system is arriving hard on the heels of the typhoon. the storm left tacloban in terrible, terrible shape, almost total devastation in much of the city. nearly a quarter of a million people lived here, now entire neighborhoods are gone. survivors are filling the streets, there are bodies, in fact, everywhere. what there is not enough is food, and crucially, drinkable water. access in and out of tacloban is very difficult. the u.s. marines are helping with round-the-clock operations. there is access to british help, and they are teeming into the area. nobody knows the full scope of the damage from this record-setting storm. more from "ac360's" randi kaye. >> reporter: the terror began with haiyan's winds, gusts reaching 235 miles per hour, well above the threshold of a category 5 hurricane. all many can do is simply pray. as millions brace themselves against haiy
uranium. iran says it wants to use it for medical and research purposes, but that technology can produce nuclear weapons, which is why the world leaders in geneva want it to stop. trust is an issue. the p5+1 want iran to allow more people to get in there and inspect facilities. iran wants economicing sanctions to stop. thousands of pakistanis i protesting against drone strikes. imran khan is leading the rally and is giving the u.s. government until today to stop using drones in the counterterrorism program, or it will cut off a supply line. many pakistanis are outraged by civilian deaths caused by drone strikes. >> the wife of an 85-year-old army veteran is pleading for the release of her husband. merrill newman is being detained in north korea. his wife said. . we have more. >> you can well imagine how distraught the family is, and right about this time what is particularly heartbreaking is merrill newman wrote postcards in north korea to family and friends and right about now family and friends in the united states are receiving them. in them are the messages from merrill newman about
's nuclear program. james bays is in geneva for us. james, good to see you. we have been hear, i think, during the course of the morning already from french foreign minister laurent fabius - he has been talking and describing some of the stumbling blocks that remain. it seems that there's still work to be done here. >> there is still work to be done. as you say some talks started, buts only talks between the international parties - the so-called p5 plus one. the permanent members of the security council and germany, who are relating the international community. john kerry is in another meeting with the european foreign policy chief catherine ashton. when you try to get information from the u.s. side, the state department using the same phrase they use persistently using the phrase, "they are trying to narrow the gaps between the two sides." a little more information coming from the french, from laurent fabius, talking about some stumbling blocks and what happens to the uranium that's been enriched to the level of 20%. that being one of the stumbling blocks here. we have spoken to some
to the program the u.s. secretary of state is speaking about washington's relationship with iran in a news conference and said during talks in geneva without a deal and world powers were quote unified on saturday when we presented a proposal to the iranians and iran could not take it at that particular moment and despite talks with iran the u.s. will stand up and defend the allies in the region against an external threat and kerry said that benjamin netanyahu needs to recognize that no agreement has been reached with iran and opposition to it is premature and we will talk to joseph, a senior writer at golf news and former analyst of the ranked corporation and is live from beirut and why do you think john kerry is saying this now do you think? >> they have been repeating this statement for several weeks reensuring the allies that no deal will be made behind their backs but there is a deal under the works and not fulfilled yet because of certain conditions that are still to be worked out, technical issues regarding reprocessing plant at iraq and in other such items but at the end of the day
illegal elephant poaching - u.s. wildlife officials crush 6 tonnes of confiscated ivory. >> thousands of people in the philippines are still waiting for aid a week after the islands were struck by typhoon haiyan. president benigno aquino has visited volunteers parking relief supplies. they are based in manila. trucks have been gridlocked. the interior minister said the problem of supplying aid is on the same scale as a war-time invasion. >> in a situation like this nothing is fast enough. the need is massive. it's immediate. you cannot shove anybody aside, because everybody all at the same time is hungry, have no water, no communication, no power. the challenge here is almost li like... >> the relief effort is hampered by rumours of misinformation. it was thought one island - everyone was killed. we went and discovered they were full of survivors, wondering why help had not arrived. >> they are the forgotten victims of typhoon haiyan, people in the islands north of tacloban - left to their own fate. most managed to survive - they, too, have lost their homes. we are on an eerie journey
completely cut off by the storm. the u.s. military is now dropping food and water to survivors in the area. but more than 1,000 people are still missing. some 4 million people are homeless. for the latest - we are going to talk about - talk to craig leeson, who is standing by in the philippines. first let's tell you about an attack in afghanistan where more than 2,000 afghan elders will meet in kabul. they'll vote on the future of u.s. troops in afghanistan. the u.s. is trying to hammer out an agreement to keep forces on the ground beyond 2014. that effort was dealt a blow on saturday after suicide bomb attack killed six people. jane ferguson reports from kabul. >> it was an attack on the footsteps of where the country will debate the future of u.s. forces here. a suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into an afghan military vehicle as the afternoon rush hour in kabul beginning. civilians were killed >> translation: i had a kebab store. there was a bang. everything went dark. they took me to the hospital. they took me back to see the shop - a lot were injured. there was a lot
: it's up to you to make peace. we can only encourage you and support you and tell you what are for us the principles. two states two people living side by side in peace and security with jerusalem capturing both states secure and recognized borders on the base you of those of 1967. yes, but with the possibility of land swaps, including an international mechanism for compensation. >> well, the french president continues his visit in the region tomorrow and still iran will be discussed. there have been subtle shades of difference in the stance of israel and of france on the iranian issue. >> mike, thank you for that. mike hannah, reporting for us from jerusalem. let's move on to other news and specifically to the philippines where we're getting a better picture of the extent of typhoon haiyan's destruction. the storm hit the country 11 days ago. according to the latest figures from the united nations around 13 million people have been affected 50 storm, around 12% of the philippines population. various prorts have put the -- reports have put the death toll at around 4,000 and millions o
some of the powers of their embattled mayor. despite admissions of drug use, to ford resists all calls resign. ♪ >> welcome to our viewers on public television and in america, and around the globe. one week after typhoon haiyan struck the philippines, eight workers or stroll -- are still struggling to reach those affected. despite many countries coming together to help, efforts are hindered by a desperate shortage of vehicles. the official death toll is over 3.5 -- 3500 but the final figure may be much higher. jeremy cook has been to one school in tacloban were survivors are trying to survive in the aftermath. >> the water is warm, and the children are playing in peace. meters away is the reality. their homes are destroyed by the raging storm and giant waves that struck here a week ago. their young lives were changed forever. she was badly injured as she swam for her life. the gas in her head is infected and she lies in the filth of a ruined hospital as her parents wait for someone, anyone, to help. andis badly hurt, he says, she really needs to be transferred to a new hospital. they
to a higher power to keep them safe. >> forgive us our trespasses. >> reporter: a scene that played out sunday with dozens of twisters tearing through the region cars were crushed and homes flattened and in illinois neighborhoods were blown away in a matter of minutes. >> it was gone within 3-4 minutes and you see what it has done here, just everything. >> our two vehicles sitting across in the field over there one was in the garage. >> reporter: twisters recorded on dash cam went through indiana leaving destruction in the wake and included flipping the car and not sparing the "starbucks" in front of it or the dozens of homes and areas like boone country. >> i saw debris coming towards us and i went inside and hut the door and seconds later they told us to get down and the roof caved in. >> reporter: the severe system which fueled the tornados spread across 7 states, effecting more than 50 million people. >> we may need to take shelter right now ourselves. >> yes, we do. >> reporter: not even those covering the storms were immune from the impact, with many roads impassible as night f
this morning about netflix' expansion plan in the south bay. voters may have the final say. matt is joining us to explain from los gatos. >> business is. booing for netflix. the stock is up 275 percent this year. now the expansion plans are getting a boost in los gatos. in 2012 the los gatos town counsel aproved the expand of business court on the other side of highway 85 from the current 250,000 square feet to 485,000 square feet. lawsuits have been filed challenging the new heights of the building. two los gatos residents have filed a letter of intent to circulate a petition if approved will allow for the business park to go on as landed blocking the ability of a court to stop development until the year 2021. supporters say the development provides up to $1 million in new property tax revenues for the schools. opponents say netflix has signed a lease agreement to stay and the legal challenges are about responsible development in the town. no word on how many signatures will be needed to get this on the ballot. >> happening now, this is the first weekday commute since the new fourth bore of t
for hundreds of residents standing in front of debris where they used to live. >> it's just hard to believe. it's almost like can i wake up now? it's almost like a nightmare. >> reporter: on monday survivors of sunday's tornados and heavy storms which ravaged communities in 12 states returned to washington, illinois to scrape up what they could and figure out what is next. >> my neighbor found my daughter's journal she kept as a kid. so we will be looking for bits and pieces today. >> reporter: the five-mile wide twister that cut through washington is dozens reported in illinois slamming into dozens of communities like where an elderly brother and sitter were killed and relatives are coping with the loss of their home and that of their loved ones. >> we were planning on a thanksgiving down here and amy bought the turkey and uncle joe was going to fry a turkey down here and all looking forward to that. >> reporter: the southern illinois city of brook port suffered its share of loss as well, 50 homes were levelled or gone entirely. and an effort all night search and rescue of three fatalities a
could change in some areas, steve paulson will tell us which parts of the bay area will see some sprinkles and it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, we are taking a live look at the bay bridge, the new beautiful span and that means you can see in the darkness the old bay bridge. we will hear about some. dangers crews faced intaking down the old bridge and what they have to say about that, it is november 12, 11, 12, 13. >> let's look at traffic but steve is right there. >> yes, it is cloudy, and there is some light rain trying to develop off the san mateo coast and my guess is you probably will -- it will probably fall apart by the time rain arrives. if you need rain tweet me or e- mail me. cloudy and temperatures are in the 50s and this is our tracker and it completely wipes it out. again it is losing its support which is part of its apparent low. and the atmosphere is extremely dry, 50s are on the temperatures. for more on the backside we have some clearing and that sun will make an appearance later today. m
in new mexico a ride they will not soon forget. >>> good morning, everyone. nice to have you with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm martin savage. nice to be with you. it is 6:00 in the morning and this is "new day" sunday. >> so calls for toronto's embattled mayor to resign are getting louder by the second. >> the council has already stripped ford of some of his powers, including his ability to govern during an emergency. despite his watered down position, a defiant ford says that he is not going anywhere. >> tomorrow, he's also set to launch his own television show, with one of his biggest supporters with his brother. for weeks, ford's admission to smoking crack cocaine and his refusal to step down has been the butt of jokes for comedians. >> and last night, the cast of "saturday night live" got their shot at it. they poked fun at ford's erratic behavior, including lewd comments he made on live tv. >> i am sorry for how i have been acting. it is not indicative of my position of mayor in this great town of toronto. >> hey, man, i got what you asked for -- >> hey, not here, okay? let
by this typhoon, cnn's paula hancock has that part of the story for us this morning. good morning, paula. >> reporter: tell hello, kate, u.s. marines came and they said they are coming with a tremendous amount of hardware. they will be coming in with c-1230s, four of them with helicopters, with truck, with fork lifts, everything you need to get the supplies into this airport and try to clear bottleneck and get it to those who desperately need it. what crucial thing is they will be making this a 24 hour-hour operation d. marines will be lighting the runway and putting in radar. so basically, the operation could continue through the night. whereas at the moment the helicopters stop when it gets dark, so this is very good news for those who are still desperately waiting for food and water. chris, back to you. >> thank you very much for the reporting from the ground. we will continue with what made it the big storm. the anatomy of the storm. what made it powerful and different? >> we are talking winds 195 miles per hour. if you were talking about tornado, we're talking about an ef-5 about 14
further such meetings later today. >> i'm sure everyone of us will want to -- in this season of her members we will always remember their service to our country. >> hear your. >> mr. speaker, in piece across the house will have memories of the nightmare unfolding across the bank. does the prime minister share my sense of his belief that a person such as -- responsible as he was for large sums of our constituents money was ever appointed to position of chairman? working out to to find out how on earth that happen? >> my honorable friend makes an important point. constituents across the house will have people who hold co-op bonds are very weird about what will happen to their investment but let me be clear, the first priority is to safeguard this bank and to make sure it's safeguard without using taxpayers money. that must be the priority. my right honorable friend the chancellor will be discussing with the regulators what is the appropriate form of inquiry to get to the bottom of what went wrong. but there are clearly a lot of questions that have to be answered. why was he suitable t
struggling to reach the survivors of typhoon haiyan. >> john kerry says the u.s. is neither blind nor stupid in negotiating with iran. now, hopes for peace. a different version of the olympics for thousands of tribesmen showing off their skills. tonight, philippine leaders had pleading for help. the world is rushing to answer the call. 10 million people have been affected by typhoon haiyan. the american military is helping with search and rescues. europe is sending food and water. president barack obama called the philippine people riz he willient and said the spirit of cooperation will prevail. mr. obama promised more help if needed. the pope led prayer. the philippines is one of the largest catholic populations. rescuers are struggle to go reach townsraphiaged by the typhoon. roads are impassable. wayne hey has more on the relief efforts underway >> reporter: we have so many people at the airport what is left of it anyway. the thing you can see behind me is what is left of the main terminal building at the airport. luckily, the tarmac remains largely undamaged. the runway is okay. crucial
- fewer than 21,000 used the federal exchange. house speaker john boehner called it a rolling calamity that must be scrapped. they faced tough questions from the republicans about the rollout. >> this was a monumental mistake to go live and explode on the launch pad. >> on the other side of the aisle democrats say republicans want nothing more than to dismantle the affordable care act known as obamacare. >> nobody in this country believes that republicans want to fix the website. >> caught in the crossfire two key technology officials, repeatedly questioned about why after years of work and hundreds of millions the website was not completely tested before it wept live. >> it was designed, implemented and tested to be secure. >> testifying under subpoena todd park, the u.s. chief technology officer - the white house insisted he was too busy fixing the website to come to capitol hill. >> there's more to do, we are making progress. >> park said can handle 20,000-25,000 users at one time - half of where it should be. another key concern security - will personal information b
to drink. >> we need more people to help. >> reporter: help is on the way. u.s. service members are on the ground and ships are on the way. but right now there isn't enough aid, and what aid there is isn't getting out to those who need it most. day after day thousands come to tacloban airport hoping for a ride out, praying they can escape the devastation, the lack of food, water, the decaying bodies lying on the street. but with 800,000 people displaced, many are without options. while others continue to search for loved ones lost in the storm surge. >> only ones missing is my eldest daughter. i hope she's alive. >> reporter: this woman cries for her mother who's still missing. >> i'm still here in tacloban, she says. i'm still alive. >> reporter: makeshift shelters for those alive have sprung up all over the area. people sleeping wherever they can, desperate to find a dry, safe spot. people around here just have no place else to go. a lot of them who may have evacuated are now back. and what used to be their homes is a makeshift shack somebody's constructed over there. they tri
are we looking? >> foggy. some higher clouds up to lake county. low clouds will be with us at noon. high clouds, turning mostly cloudy. the big news are definitely the low clouds and the fog. a lot of tropical clouds on their way but they are taking more of an aim towards seattle and portland, maybe you can smell some of that smoke from the scrap yard fire. had reports in fremont, oakland, palo alto, menlo park, seems to be decreasing. napa, 39. there's a lot of 40s here. even 55 oakland. 54 san francisco. mostly cloudy here in the morning. kind of a mild start. due east wind. almost everybody has a due east wind and kind of a mild pattern in the hills. i've seen 56 to a 9. high pressure is still over us. some of these higher clouds will drift through. overall, morning fog, then high clouds. kind of a mix of sunday and clouds. and then turning cloudy. combination will give us a mixed pattern. here's sal. >>> we've had problems this early commute. we've had a crash in san francisco. we've had a crash in solano county. but we've had also good traffic. look at the bay bridge. this is not ty
no to drones. thousands rally against u.s. strikes in pakistan. the u.s. secretary of state arrives in geneva to lend his weight to talks on iran's nuclear program. >> typhoon haiyan's most vulnerable victims. the u.n. calls for action to help 4 million children affected by the storm. we'll report from thailand on the skin advertisement that prompted allegations of racism. >> we begin in pakistan where thousands of protesters are gathering in peshawar. in support of opposition leader imran khan who wants the u.s. to stop drone attacks. he threatens to stop nato supply routes to the north if the government fails to take action. first let's cross to peshawar. how big are the crowds there right now? >> well, the crowds have been growing ever since we came here this morning, a couple of hours ago. it must be understood that people are coming from all different province, from different cities. some are en route. imran khan's party is being supported by the army and other allied parties. as you can see behind me several thousands people, and it must be understood that this is a city that received d
. it brings with it 80 aircraft, 5,000 sailors all ready to deliver food, water and medicine. >> the u.s. also providing $20 million in immediate aid. >> folks, america takes alot of slack just because we spy on our ali, invade countries on hunches and threaten to tank the global economy as a fund-raising tool. but face it, when the [bleep] goes down the world needs heroes, nobody says thank gods the belgians are here. oh, i hope they brought us some waffles. (laughter) nation, this makes me proud to be an american. to know that my tax dollars are going to help people if i pay taxes. i have an excellent accountant. he said if a shell ter, i think the feel pooens. >> america has put our money where our mouth s the boots on the ground and hads in the air like we just do care. can't say the them thing about so-called superpower china. >> china getting a bit of criticism. they've been in a long-term dispute, a land dispute, but guess what they're only giving $100,000. >> wow apparently the chinese symbol for crisis is also the one for bite me. seriously, the nation of china pledged only $100,000.
. four days after the most powerful typhoon on record, a u.s. general on the ground is warning that many more people could be dead within a week if food and other aid don't get to where they're needed the most and soon. the philippine president tells cnn he now expects the final death toll to be around 2500. that's far lower than an earlier estimate from officials of some 10,000, but it's still way too early to tell with the bodies in the streets and the communications still very slow or simply out all together. the u.s. government says two americans are among the dead. cnn's paula hancocks and anna koren in the disaster zone for us. anna, you traveled to the area where the typhoon first hit the philippines. tell us what you saw. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. we traveled with the military to guyan which is the first township to have been hit by super typhoon haiyan. as we flew over, everything, every single structure, had been flattened. as we came into the airfield, these giant palm trees, every single one of them snapped which gives you an idea of the power of this storm. we were on
. tonight - survivors of the storm. incredible images and stories from the philippines. the u.s. marines in a leading life-saving mission. we are live from the disaster zone. game changer - in a fight against heart disease, what guidelines could mean for you. why some doctors are not buying it. >> the megamerger shaking up the airline industry. will it cost you more to travel. sold to the highest bidder. >>> it is wednesday in the philippines and the survivors - a new day brings suffering. they are desperate for food, water and medicine. and for the people who lost everything, time is running out. help is on the way from around the world, but reaching the hardest-hit areas is difficult. helicopters having trouble finding places to land. debris blocking roads and the country's president had to send troops to stop looting. in the central philippines the devastation stretches. joining us live from cebu is craig leeson. what is the number one priority there now? >> strangely as it sounds, the number one priority is getting the relief out there. we are told that it's coming in from all over t
. >> how many of us are left? now this. and something else may take our lives. people coming into our houses and if you fight back they will kill you. what about a allies. >> so few of us left as it is. >> are they going to finish us off. >> his neighbours share his concern. they say it's bad enough that haiyan has turned their lives up tiedside dowupside-down withoute confusion of the security. one of the struc structures thas damaged is the prison behind us. >> some of those escapeees are behind the recent wave of crime that isin aggravating the situation. national state of emergency has been declared. trey triethoughthey tried to ste disorder. >> this is the return of martial rule. >> who are they. what is the real situation. >> she hasn'he has not let the uncertainty stop him. he says even though the money he may earn is worths here. here -- worthless here. >> ly no >> i will not leave here. this is hour home. whatever tragedy is next, if it takes the lives that is okay. >> it still range rains on most. they cram into the only dry space in their make shift shelter. sometimes they
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